Dr. Rocco


Dr. Rocco L. Martino
Chairman and CEO –CyberFone Technologies, Inc
Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy Research Institute

Dr. Rocco Leonardo Martino is founder and Chairman of the Board of CyberFone Technologies Inc.  Most recently he was Founder, Chairman and CEO of XRT, Inc., the world leader in providing complete global treasury, cash and banking relationship management solutions for some of the world's largest corporations and government entities. Treasury management systems designed by Dr. Martino for XRT are integrated and operate in real-time in a fault-tolerant, on-line environment in over 11,000 organizations in 51 countries.   The amount of money processed daily through these systems was estimated to be over three trillion dollars.  Security and disaster protection was a vital aspect of these systems.   

Dr. Martino is the inventor of the CyberFone, the first Smart
Phone, and the driving force behind the software systems permitting real-time video, voice and data linkages. The CyberFone System is a totally new approach to providing mobile and wired communication and computer capability at the desktop.  in the home, and in the hand.  The CyberFone System permits video, voice, and data communication anywhere, with anyone, at any time, at a fraction of today’s costs - a price within the realm of everyone. The CyberFone System can augment or replace both the telephone and many of the most popular functions of the PC - on the desk or in the home. Furthermore, the CyberFone System is simpler and not given to virtual overnight obsolescence.  

A pioneer and international authority in the planning and use of computers, Dr. Martino originated many of the methods in use today.  Dr. Martino served in various high-level positions prior to
XRT and CyberFone  Technologies, Inc.  He was Director of Systems Engineering at the Olin Corporation in New York, and then a Senior Member of Booz, Allen & Hamilton Computer Division. He was the President of Mauchly Associates Limited and Vice President of Mauchly Associates created in partnership with Dr. John Mauchly, the co-inventor of electronic computers. He also functioned as the Technical Director for Sperry Computers of Canada.  He allied with Rear Admiral Grace Hopper USN, on Automatic Programming techniques, which were the forerunner of COBOL. As Director of the Computer Division for Adalia Limited, a consulting firm headed by Sir Robert Watson-Watt, the inventor of radar, Dr. Martino participated in the extensive development of electronic navigation systems.

Dr. Martino graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Toronto in Mathematics and Finance.  He earned a Ph.D. from the Institute of Aerospace Studies for work in the re-entry of Space Vehicles, including the requirements for heat shields.  

Dr. Martino served as Professor of Mathematics and Engineering at the University of Waterloo and at New York University. His graduate and senior undergraduate lectures included such topics as Artificial Intelligence, Information Management Systems, Space Flight, Economics in Planning, and Financial Modeling Systems. He has continued to lecture and conduct seminars throughout the World.  

Dr. Martino has served on various Public Service, Charitable, and Church Organizations. He served a Vice Chair of the Board of the Gregorian University Consortium Foundation from 1982-1998. He served a member of the Board of St. Joseph’s University from 1989-1998. He served a member of the Board of the Vatican Observatory from 1993-2010. He has been a member of the Board of Councilors of the Eastern Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre since 1991; a member of the Board of the Order of Malta Federal Association from 1996-2002; and is currently a member of the Audit Committee of the Papal Foundation and on the Executive Committee of the St. John Neumann Society.  He also served on the Boards of such organizations as the Catholic League for Civil and Religious Liberty, and of  Legatus where he was also Eastern Regional Vice President.  He was the Founding Chairman and served from 1985-1989 with the MBF Foundation dedicated to applying computer technology for lifetime and work-related assistance for those with severe physical and/or mental handicaps. Most recently, Dr. Martino led the efforts to restore the first Catholic Cathedral in the Unites States – the Baltimore Basilica - to its original magnificence, while bringing the utility infrastructure up to meet today’s standards of excellence. For his devotion to the Church and its teachings, and for his many and  diverse efforts to strengthen it, Dr. Martino has been initiated as a Knight in the Order of St. Gregory, Knight Grand Cross of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, Knight in Obedience of the Order of Malta, Knight Commander of the Constantinian Order of St. George, and Knight of the Order of St. Maurice and Lazarus.   He is a Steward of St. Peter of the Papal Foundation, and a Steward of St. John Neumann.   

Dr. Martino has also served on various Corporate Boards over the past fifty years.  

Dr. Martino is the author of twenty published books as well as scores of papers, and numerous corporate monographs on computers, communications, networks, and planning. He has been listed in various biographical anthologies including Who's Who in the World, Who's Who in America, Who’s Who in Theology and Science, Who’s Who in Finance, Who’s Who in the East, Who’s Who in Canada, the International Dictionary of Biography, and Dictionary of Notable Americans. 

Dr. Martino was born in Toronto, Canada.  He immigrated to the United States in 1962, and currently makes his home in Pennsylvania.  He is a member of the Overbrook Golf Club, the Union League of Philadelphia, and the Sea Isle City Yacht Club. He is an avid sailor, and a Past Commodore of the Yacht Club – 1974 – a member of the Board from 1971-1990. He has served as Commodore of the Mid-Atlantic Yacht Racing Association from 1979-1981, and Secretary from 1981-1988.